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Security is something that many guests take for granted when staying at a nice hotel, especially one that has received multi-star ratings for its comfort, convenience and luxuries offered. However, even the most careful, observant traveler may become the victim of a theft, assault or worse because the hotel or inn where they are staying suffers from negligent and inadequate security issues.

Trial attorneys from the Miami law firm Hannon Legal Group have some tips that can alert an observant traveler that his or her hotel is not taking security seriously.

One of the basics of hotel security is control of the access to the hotel’s interior. Secondary entrances to the buildings, especially those in remote areas, should be locked at night and accessible only by room key.

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Strollers long have been a convenient way for parents to enjoy the company of their young children. However, they also have long been associated with hazards that can lead to serious injury or even death. The defective product lawyers at Miami firm of Hannon Legal Group have extensive experience in dealing with such incidents when they occur.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has issued new federal standards that require all strollers and carriages be made, tested and labeled to minimize hazards to both the parent and child. However, these standards affect only strollers that are sold after September 10, 2015. They have no effect on strollers already sold or in stores today.

The risk is still out there. CPSC staff reviewed about 1,300 safety-related reports related to children and strollers for the period from January 2008 to June 2013 and found the reports included four deaths, 14 hospitalizations and nearly 391 injuries.

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On Tuesday, May 12, at least seven people died and more than 200 people were injured, many severely, when Amtrak Northeast Regional Train 188 derailed in Philadelphia. The “black box” for the train revealed that it was traveling at approximately 106 miles per hour – twice the governing speed limit –as it went into a sharp turn. Passengers were violently flung about the train in what survivors describe as a terrifying event.

Clearly, the train engineer was reckless and must be held largely accountable for the disaster that he wrought. However, this catastrophic accident could and should have been prevented by responsible management of the nation’s train system. “Positive Train Control” computerized technology regulates trains in many other places throughout the U.S. and prevents a train from exceeding the speed limit. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) recommended its deployment in the extraordinarily busy Northeast Corridor, where this crash occurred. However, Congress has irresponsibly voted down the funding necessary to deploy this technology. Unbelievably, Congress cut Amtrak funding the day after this fatal crash.

The Northeast Corridor is the busiest region in the country for train travel. Amtrak carries more than 750,000 passengers a day across eight states and the District of Columbia in this region alone. A vast number of Americans depend on our trains to run safely. Yet, due to a combination of a crumbling infrastructure and driver error there were, according to the Federal Railroad Administration Office of Safety Analysis, approximately 1,241 derailments in the U.S. last year. Hundreds of people are seriously injured and many are killed in train crashes annually. By contrast, although Japan has had a high speed rail system for close to 50 years, they have never had a fatality, according to Sean Jeans-Gail, the Vice-President of the National Association of Railroad Passengers. The NARP has long been forcefully advocating for our failing rail system to be repaired and maintained in accordance with reasonable safety standards.

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Ensuring your personal safety and security when visiting a shopping center is a two-fold responsibility: You can do things as an individual to reduce the likelihood of your becoming a crime statistic, and there are procedures the center itself should institute to keep you safe. The Miami negligent security lawyers at Hannon Legal Group regularly represent shoppers who have become crime victims because of relaxed security procedures at malls and shopping centers, and have advice for what shoppers should watch for.

Shoppers should make sure the center has basic security measures in place. These measures include security patrols, including bicycle and/or mounted police and rooftop watchers; exterior lighting that covers the entire area; and signs that guide patrons to parking spots close to their destination.

Shopping centers should have closed-circuit televisions cameras manned 24/7, both outside in the parking lots and in common areas inside the mall. Malls with large parking lots should have emergency phones or call boxes to summon help quickly.

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Philadelphia – Investigators haven’t yet released a statement saying what caused the fatal derailment of Amtrak Northeast Regional Train 188 in Philadelphia last night that left 7 passengers dead and 200 injured. However, a National Transportation Safety Board spokesperson said that preliminary data indicates that the train’s speed exceeded 100 mph before the derailment. That’s more than twice the 50 mph speed limit for the curve it was in.

Brandon Bostian, 32 from New York was the engineer operating the train. He applied full emergency brakes “just moments” before the train derailed, according to NTSB board member Robert Sumwalt. He also said that the train was traveling about 106 mph as it headed into a left turn.

The location of the wreckage and damage to the cars indicated that speed was a likely cause of this tragic accident. Most trains have a data recorder similar to the “black box” commercial airliners have. The train’s data recorder was discovered at the scene and could be the key to determining exactly what caused the accident.

For now, there are still more questions than answers.
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A recent poll shows that 70 percent of Americans do not feel the need to get a se-cond opinion on a diagnosis they have just received from their doctor or healthcare provider. However, the attorneys at Miami firm Hannon Legal Group know from their extensive experience in handling medical malpractice cases that getting a second opinion can have a huge impact on your healthcare.

Doctors do misread tests from time to time, especially when it comes to serious diseases like cancer and heart problems, and infections like sepsis. Getting a se-cond opinion can get you the treatment you need or keep you from having to un-dergo unnecessary procedures or surgery for a problem you don’t even have.

Yet many people are reluctant to seek a second opinion for fear of offending their doctor. They shouldn’t be. Most doctors encourage, even welcome, other opinions.

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Being injured by a doctor or hospital is a devastating experience and can be even more damaging if the other party is claiming to not be at fault for your injuries. Protecting your rights when it comes to doctor and hospital injuries is key if you want the opportunity to seek damages. The medical malpractice lawyers at Hannon Legal Group have represented many victims of medical malpractice.

Get Help From a Qualified Attorney

Getting help from a qualified medical malpractice attorney is the first step to protecting your rights. An attorney can educate you about the best options for dealing with the situation. Getting advice from an attorney can also prevent you from doing things that may hurt your case. Once the hospital learns that a mistake has occurred, the hospital will be prepared to respond via legal counsel. You should have an attorney on your side as well. A medical malpractice attorney can also help to prepare you for trial if the matter is to be brought into a court of law.

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If you have been injured aboard a cruise ship, you may think that you have plenty of time to file a claim. However, the state of Florida has specific deadlines when it comes to filing claims, which is known in legal terms as the statute of limitations. It is also important to know that cruise ship contracts also have deadlines within which a passenger or employee must file a claim. The admiralty and maritime law attorneys at Hannon Legal Group regularly represent clients involved in various types of maritime accidents and can assist you if you have been injured.

Be Aware of Cruise Ship Contract Terms

Cruise ship lines often have specific terms regarding filing suits and an agreement with these terms is often given simply by the act of purchasing a ticket. These company terms could be substantially shorter than any Florida statute of limitations. In addition, the cruise line may also have a notice requirement, which means that you or your attorney must notify the cruise line that you intend to file a lawsuit against the company. This notice requirement is often an even shorter period of time and must be satisfied before you file the lawsuit.

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As the number of patients that require dialysis treatments in the United States continues to grow due to complications from illnesses such as diabetes, the instances of dialysis treatment errors have also grown. Dialysis is a relatively safe procedure. However, errors can occur due to the negligence of the medical staff providing the treatment or faulty equipment. The medical malpractice attorneys at Hannon Legal Group have represented clients with dialysis treatment errors and are available to assist patients that have suffered injuries.

Causes of Dialysis Treatment Errors

Dialysis patients die or end up in the hospital every year due to hemorrhages that occur during treatment. These problems are often caused by line separations or needle dislodgement during care. In just thirty minutes, a patient can die. A loss of blood can quickly become life threatening, which is why patients need to be carefully monitored while receiving treatment.

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Pharmacy mistakes are a common source of medical malpractice errors. Serious injuries can result from a simple error, such as filling the wrong prescription or providing the wrong dosage instructions. The medical malpractice lawyers at Hannon Legal Group have represented victims of pharmacy mistakes.

Here are some simple tips to help patients avoid becoming the victims of pharmacy mistakes:

Double Check the Prescription