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Boca Raton, Florida- Wrongful Death Case Settled – Anthrax Widow to Receive $2.5 Million From US

Boca Raton, Florida – Maureen Stevens and her three children received a $2.5 million settlement for their Palm Beach County, Florida wrongful death action against the United States government. As Miami, Fl. wrongful death lawyers, we appreciate the relief and closure this type of settlement can bring to a family. The law suit alleged inadequate security at a US Army biological lab allowed someone to steel the deadly anthrax used in the attack. Our Miami Fl. negligent security lawyers handle cases involving death and serious injury as a result of inadequate security throughout the atate of Florida and have recovered millions of dollars in Miami Florida crime victim’s compensation.

Maureen’s husband, Bob Stevens, was working for American Media Inc. in Boca Raton when he fell victim to a deadly anthrax attack. Seventeen other employees, including his co-worker Ernesto Blanco, also suffered from anthrax terrorism in the fall of 2011. Although the government denied liability, an FBI investigation named a government employee as the sole person responsible for the biological attacks.

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