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Miami, Florida – Two workers were seriously injured in a construction site accident Tuesday afternoon when they fell down an elevator shaft in Miami-Dade County.

According to Fire Rescue officials, the accident happened in a building under construction at Southwest 84th Avenue and Eighth Street.

The victims were working on a suspended cart inside the elevator shaft when the cables broke. Officials said the men fell four stories.

The men were transported to Ryder Trauma Center for emergency medical treatment.

The cause of the accident is still under investigation at this time although, the accident could have been the result of negligent maintenance of the cart and cables, or it could have been the result of a defective product.

Contractors have a duty to maintain their equipment in a reasonably safe condition and can, in some instances, be held liable when they fail to do so.

Additionally, product manufacturers have a duty to make sure that when their product is sold to the public it is safe and suitable for its intended use. When a manufacturer fails to design or manufacture its products safely and in conformity with applicable standards or fails to adequately warn of foreseeable harm, they can be held liable under product liability laws.
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FORT MYERS, FLORIDA : According to the Florida Highway Patrol, 46 year old Georges Pameni was killed in a tractor trailer accident when the truck he was driving collided with another tractor trailer on I-75 yesterday.

Georges Pameni, of Marietta, Georgia was driving his tractor trailer north on I-75. Truck driver, Steven Miller, 49, of Estero was also northbound on I-75.

Apparently, a load of stone was dropped on the Bayshore Road overpass by a dump truck. While that lane was being cleaned up, it was closed and traffic was being diverted into another lane.

The Florida personal injury lawyers at Hannon Legal Group recently represented the family of a truck driver in a wrongful death case when their loved one was killed in a tractor trailer accident. Our injury attorneys have handled numerous cases involving truck accidents where a thorough knowledge of the Federal laws regulating truckers helped secure a significant award for the survivors. In this case, experienced injury lawyers would investigate the trucking company and driver of the dump truck that caused the road closure. It is likely that they created a dangerous condition that contributed to cause the crash.
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Hialeah, Florida – The body of 28 year old, Odin Torres, a Miami woman was recovered from the debris caused by the collapse of a huge construction crane in New York Saturday. The crane accident destroyed a four-story building in Manhattan when it toppled.

Six others were also killed in the accident. They were all construction workers.

The crane collapsed when a steel collar used to secure it to the building under construction fell while it was being installed. It caused damage to another steel collar below it that also supported the crane. Once the crane’s support system had been compromised, the counterweights at the top of the crane caused it to fall, according to the New York City Department of Buildings.