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Broward County, Florida – a Fort Lauderdale car accident sent one vehicle plowing into a group of pedestrians standing at a bus stop this morning. Four of them were injured and had to be transported by Fire Rescue to Broward General Medical Center for emergency medical treatment.

It all started when a car ran a red light on U.S. 1 at the intersection with N.E. Fourth Street around 10:30 am. Fort Lauderdale police said after running the red light, the car was hit by a County bus which pushed it into another car and then into a bus stop.

The names of the drivers and victims were not yet released.

An experienced Florida personal injury lawyer would first look to hold the driver who caused the crash responsible. However, when investigating a Florida automobile accident case, several issues must be addressed. The vehicle or vehicles involved would need to be inspected to make sure the accident wasn’t caused in part by defective or poorly maintained brakes or some other defective automotive component part.

Some auto accidents are caused by a defective seat back which can cause a driver to lose control if it breaks. The harm caused by some car accidents is compounded when a defective fuel tank results in a fire and causes burn injuries or a design defect causes a vehicle to roll over. If a defective product or component part played a role in causing the accident, a Florida product liability case could be brought in addition to the automobile negligence claim.

Additionally, if it is determined that the offending driver was intoxicated, it is possible, in some circumstances, to bring a claim against the person or establishment that served alcohol to the drunk driver.

Where an accident victim dies as a result of the accident, the Florida wrongful death statute would apply to the case.
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