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Cruise ships are a popular method of vacationing. From 2005 to 2010, about 100 million passengers took cruises according to the Cruise Lines International Association. Annually almost 12 million passengers embarked on cruises worldwide. In South Florida alone, there are more than 8 million visitors to Florida’s seaports (Port of Palm Beach, Port Everglades, Port of Miami).

Each year thousands of passengers are injured on cruise ships. Many believe cruise ship injuries and cruise ship deaths were underreported, and until recently, cruise lines were not required to report incidents in a timely, meaningful way. In 2010, President Barack Obama signed the Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act, which requires cruise lines to report all deaths, missing persons, theft, sexual harassment and assaults.

While the cruise line and cruise ship industry have a duty of care to guard against accidents and injury, some of the common injuries can include: slip and fall accidents, falling overboard, pool or recreational area accidents and drowning (scuba diving and snorkeling), medical staff negligence, food poisoning, Norwalk virus (norovirus), legionnaires disease, assault or battery by crew or passengers due to negligent security, sexual assault by passengers or crew, wrongful death due to cruise negligence, injuries arising from a cruise line-approved excursion and employee injuries (boiler room and engine room explosions).

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MIAMI, FL — Collapsed Structures Miami Premises Liability lawyers know how much devastation is wrought when a large structure collapses. At least 23 people were killed and eleven injured when an apartment building collapsed in Cairo, Egypt, Wednesday. Closer to home, four Miami families continue to grieve the loss of loved ones after a Miami Dade College parking garage collapsed in the Doral area of Miami, FL last October.

Samuel Perez, 53, died shortly after being pulled from the rubble, his legs amputated in a last-ditch attempt to save him. His name joins the list alongside the names of Carlos Hurtado Demendoza, 48, Robert Budhoo, 53, and Jose Calderon, 60, who also lost their lives in the collapse.

The College’s parking garage was under construction, and Bill Byrne, the president of Ajax Building Corporation, still has no answers for what caused the Miami wrongful deaths. The $22.5 million dollar, five story garage is just the scene of the latest such catastrophe in our area.

After the collapse, victims were found under the rubble and at least one man was removed from the inside of a crushed truck, as students ran wildly from the wreckage. Miami Dade College reopened for classes, this month, but the grieving and rebuilding process continues.

In Cairo, the collapsed building had been erected without a permit, but here in Florida, even properly permitted buildings can be unreasonably dangerous due to any number of defects or oversights. A Miami, FL Premises Liability lawyer will know how to help victims or their families learn the truth about what caused a collapsed structure.
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In 1999, the Florida Legislature passed Jeremy’s Law, a law that would impose an obligation on daycare providers to be truthful. Since then, numerous children have died at the hands of negligent day-care operators, and not until August 1, 2012, was a daycare operator charged with having violated the law. The law has sat idly on the books as daycare providers continue their dangerous and deceitful practices. The Miami Florida injury lawyers at our firm know the importance of keeping children safe. If your child has been injured or you have lost a child due to the negligence of a daycare provider, you may be able to receive substantial compensation and help prevent another tragedy in the future.

The Florida Legislature passed Jeremy’s Law after the death of infant Jeremy Fiedelholtz. His father, Mark Fiedelholtz, an attorney, became a public figure, speaking out against daycare providers who engaged in deceitful practices, after his son died just two hours after being dropped off for his first day at a provider’s home. His son was placed sleeping on his belly in a mesh portable crib and suffocated. Fiedelholtz spoke before Congress and the Florida legislature and was eventually able to get laws passed in New York and Florida that make it a crime for childcare operators to lie to parents or authorities. Since the legislature enacted the law, at least five children have died at the hands of negligent daycare providers, most recently on August 1, 2012.
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MIAMI, FL — Miami Wrongful Death and Premises Liability lawyers know how quickly a family’s life can be changed when tragedy strikes. Three area families are grieving the loss of loved ones, and the number could grow, as a result of the collapse at the Miami Dade College parking garage in Doral, FL.

Samuel Perez, 53, died shortly after being pulled from the rubble, his legs amputated in a last-ditch attempt to save him. His name joins the list along with Carlos Hurtado Demendoza, 48, and Jose Calderon, 60, who also lost their lives in the collapse. Miami construction site accident lawyers will likely retain structural engineering experts to determine the cause of the collapsed parking garage at some point in the near future.

The College’s parking garage was under construction, and Bill Byrne, the president of Ajax Building Corporation, still has no answers for what caused the catastrophe. The $22.5 million dollar, five story garage is now the scene of tragedy, as the many who were injured in the collapsed structure continue to receive treatment.

At least one more worker remains missing, as rescue crews continue to scour the site. Victims were found under the rubble and at least one man was removed from the inside of a crushed truck.

Students ran wildly from the wreckage as the building fell, and the sad aftermath continues.

If your family has lost a loved one, or if you or someone you know has been injured due to dangerous premises, you may be entitled to compensation. Call a Hannon Legal Group today for a free, no obligation consultation or call (866) 835-6872 to speak to one of our Miami, FL. wrongful death lawyers
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PALM BEACH COUNTY, FL-A 20-year law enforcement veteran was killed Sunday when he attempted to cross lanes of traffic on his motorcycle to block vehicles while working a presidential motorcade. The Miami, FL personal injury lawyers at our firm understand the serious nature of car and motorcycle accidents. Bruce Edwin St. Laurent, a 55-year-old Jupiter Police Officer, was driving south on I-95 when he was struck by a Ford F-150 pickup truck driven by Susan Holloway, a West Palm Beach resident.

St. Laurent had his emergency lights on, according to a preliminary report issued by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, and was attempting to block traffic from entering I-95 from the southbound on-ramp at 45th Street. In his attempt to block cars from entering the highway, he crossed several lanes of traffic, moving himself directly in the path of Holloway. The speeds St. Laurent and Holloway were traveling at are unknown, but according to the report, Holloway was accelerating her speed right before the accident to safely merge onto the highway. Holloway attempted to slam on her brakes in order to avoid the crash, but it was too late. The front of Holloway’s truck slammed into St. Laurent’s motorcycle.

Upon impact, St. Laurent was thrown off of his motorcycle. His motorcycle became lodged underneath Holloway’s truck. St. Laurent was declared dead after arriving at the St. Mary’s Medical Center shortly after the crash. Holloway suffered no injuries.

At the time of the crash, St. Laurent was in the front of the motorcade, clearing the way for President Obama to travel to the Palm Beach County Convention Center for a campaign stop. President Obama did not see the accident, but he was informed of St. Laurent’s death on his flight from Palm Beach back to Washington, D.C.

St. Laurent is not the first police officer who was killed while working a motorcade for a president or presidential candidate in Palm Beach County. In 1992, Kevin Matthews, a Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Deputy, died after being struck by a limousine while escorting Democratic presidential hopeful Paul Tsongas.

The Sheriff’s Office is conducting a full investigation, but no charges have been filed against Holloway at this time. The Florida Highway Patrol is expected to release a more detailed report later this week.
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DAVIE, FL-An 86-year-old woman was struck from behind and dragged by a car that ran from the scene Monday morning in her gated senior living community. Rita Chiero was transported to Broward Health Medical Center by a fire-rescue truck and was subsequently pronounced dead. The Miami, FL auto accident lawyers at Hannon Legal Group have extensive experience handling hit and run automobile cases. Our firm is a state-wide law firm based in Maimi, FL. Wrongful death lawyers understand the devastating impact of these accidents.

Chiero was walking through the community, with the assistance of her walker, Monday morning, heading to catch a minibus that would take her to the store when she was hit by the vehicle. She was walking east in the westbound lane of Southwest 33rd Street when she was struck. Her son, 50-year-old Joseph Chiero, believes that the driver swerved across lanes of traffic to hit his mother from behind. A neighbor came outside to find Chiero lying in the street.

Wednesday, the police released information that they had a car and a suspect in custody. The investigators would not release further information about what led them to believe this was the right car or driver. Investigations continue while the family of Chiero grieves over her wrongful death.
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MIAMI, FL-A wheelchair-bound veteran was killed Wednesday morning after being struck by a van in Northeast Miami. Miami, FL. car accident lawyers may be able to help the family of David Bill Myer, a 63-year-old veteran learn exactly what occurred. Myer was allegedly hit by the van when he was, according to Officer William Moreno, “crossing the street illegally, outside the crosswalk” during morning rush hour. The accident occurred between Biscayne Boulevard and Second Avenue at Northeast 79th Street.

The victim was often seen outside his home, not far from the accident scene, in his wheelchair, according to neighbors. Neighbors did not release any further comments about the victim.

The driver of the van that hit Myer remained on the scene, after calling the police, and answered questions concerning the accident. No criminal investigation is being conducted because the tragedy was “clearly an accident,” according to Officer Moreno.

Miami FL. automobile accident lawyers know that accidents which involve a pedestrian and a vehicle often cause devastating personal injury or even death. These accidents can be prevented by taking adequate precautions and staying alert at all times to all of one’s surroundings. However, if you or someone you know has been injured or killed as a result of an accident involving a pedestrian and a vehicle, it is important to know that you can recover damages for your injuries or wrongful death.
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A Miami, Florida boat accident claimed the life of a 27 year old Miami man Sunday evening when his personal water craft struck a 22 foot boat in Biscayne Bay. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) officers are investigating the fatal boating accident in Biscayne Bay. It has not yet been determined if alcohol was involved. Miami, FL product liability lawyers know that accidents like this are usually caused by operator error or a defective product like a personal water craft that was designed without navigation lights.

FWC spokesman, Jorge Pino said that investigators think 27-year-old Carlos Alberto Fernandez, who died after his personal watercraft crashed into a boat, was going too fast in a slow-speed area and was violating the law which prohibits operating a personal watercraft at night. Fernandez was riding a black Yamaha personal watercraft on the bay when the fatal collision occurred. His friend, Jose Luis Moreno, who was also operating another watercraft nearby called for help. Fernandez, who was pronounced dead on the scene, leaves behind a wife and children.

“It’s hard enough to spot a vessel with navigational lights and proper safety equipment,” Pino said. “Now you have a black personal watercraft at night at a high rate of speed. It’s just a recipe for disaster.”

Pino stressed how important it is for boaters and those engaged in water sports to abide by safety rules. Florida has the more registered vessels than any other state in the country and reported 742 boating accidents in 2011. 22 percent of those involved some type of personal watercraft.
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BROWARD -Two Miami-Dade men were indicted for first-degree murder on Thursday by a Broward grand jury after one of the men allegedly ran over and killed two bicyclists in an attempt to evade the police in the early morning hours of August 5. The Miami, Florida car accident lawyers at our firm have handled many automobile accident cases. Our team of Miami, Fl wrongful death lawyers, private investigators and accident reconstruction experts work together to maximize the amount of compensation the victims family receives.

The bicyclists that were killed after allegedly being hit by Obrian Ricardo Oakley, 26, and Sadik Rashad Baxter, 25, were 61-year-old Christopher McConnell and 60-year-old Dean Amelkin. Oakley and Baxter now each face two first-degree murder charges for those deaths.

The men also each face five counts of burglary and Oakley faces additional charges for vehicular homicide and aggravated fleeing from police.

Early August 5 Oakley and Baxter were spotted by residents in the Rock Creek neighborhood of Cooper City burglarizing vehicles. The residents called the police, who quickly arrived on scene and were able to arrest Baxter. However, Oakley fled the scene and led the police on a high-speed chase. At the intersection of Palm Avenue and Sheridan Street, Oakley hit another vehicle, causing his own to spin out of control. As Oakley’s vehicle spun across the road, McConnell and Amelkin were struck and killed as a result of “multiple blunt force trauma.”

Originally, Oakley was the only one facing the murder charges. However, the State Attorney’s Office later charged Baxter as a principal to first-degree murder because, under Florida law, according to a State Attorney’s Office representative, “It’s not the intent to commit the homicide that controls the filing of the charge, . . . but rather the intent to commit the underlying felony [of burglary].”

A major problem that prosecutors will face in this case is whether the Broward Sheriff’s Office actually engaged in a high-speed chase with Oakley. If so, that office too may face a suit brought by the families of the deceased, as Broward Sheriff’s Office policies do not permit police chases except in the case of a violent felony.

No matter what decision is made over the high-speed chase issue, two families will continue to suffer from the tragic loss of their loved ones.
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MIAMI, FLORIDA – Rescue teams continue to search for Pierre Mezador, a 58-year-old Titan America employee, who is presumed dead after falling into a giant silo full of dry powder cement at the plant’s Medley location last week. Miami, Florida premises liability lawyers represent the families of victims like Mezador when they are injured or killed as a result of negligent maintenance of a roof or structure. A Miami, Florida wrongful death lawyer would immediately see the potential for a very strong wrongful Death lawsuit. Collapsed structures and roofs are almost always the result of negligent maintenance.

Mezador was employed by Titan America at its Medley plant for 19 years prior to the accident. Friday, August 17, was undoubtedly the most memorable day of those 19 years for Mezador’s family. Early Friday morning, Mezador fell over 140 feet into the silo he was working on when the metal roof collapsed. Rescue efforts were stalled for nearly 6 hours due to the dangerous condition of the site. After vigorously trying to look for Mezador Friday afternoon, rescue workers were unable to detect any sign of life from beneath the rubble.

On Sunday, a large crane was brought on site in order to expedite the process of removing debris from inside the silo and hopefully recover Mezador’s remains in a timely manner.
Titan America company leaders stated that they “deeply regret the incident and emphasize that employee safety is their primary concern.”

Titan has a policy in place under its emergency procedure manual which requires that emergency rescue teams and equipment be ready for action before an employee enters a silo. The company plans to conduct an extensive investigation into the incident. The Department of Labor’s Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) will also conduct an investigation.

Accidents similar to what happened at Titan’s Medley plant Friday are very rare according to construction experts and are all preventable according to Titan’s emergency procedure manual. Unfortunately, many questions remain unanswered for not only Mezador’s family, but for an entire industry and the general public.
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