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Omaha, Nebraska – A outbreak of gun violence has focused attention on ATM security concerns. In a five day period, there were five shooting deaths.

It began with a robbery attempt at an ATM on a recent Wednesday night. Crime victim, Charles Denton, 21, of Omaha was shot after using an ATM near 50th and Underwood.

ATM’s do have some safety features. Mirrors allow for customers to see behind them, and many have cameras recording the activity at the machine.

Denton’s Mother says the location of the ATM is a problem and thinks it should be removed.

Other who have used that ATM are also uncomfortable because you have to leave your car to get your cash.

Dena Dubas of Omaha said “I kind of look around before I get out and come to it. I prefer drive-up ones so you don’t have to get out of it. I wouldn’t use it at night, though.”

James Walter feels the same way and said, “I have felt uncomfortable the times I have used it, particularly at night.”

Denton is recovering from his wounds. His mom says he should be ok.

A few minutes after Denton called police, another shooting occurred in the area – this one was fatal. Just a few blocks away, 27-year old Tari Glinsmann was shot and killed in the parking lot of the convenience store on 52nd and Leavenworth where she was an employee.

Omaha Police advise everyone to be aware of their surroundings when moving about the city.
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The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) recently announced that violent crime in Florida has decreased by 2.4 percent for the first half of 2008, down from the same time period in 2007. The FDLE report includes data obtained from over 400 law enforcement agencies regarding violent crimes reported between January and June of this year. The numbers for four categories of violent crime, murder, robbery, aggravated assault and forcible sex offenses, all decreased this year compared to the same period in 2007. The number of crimes reported overall in Florida however increased by 1.6% compared to the same time period last year.

“The first half of the year is typically a good indicator as to what is ahead in the remaining months,” said FDLE Commissioner Gerald Bailey. “Arrests are up and we applaud the hard work of Florida law enforcement in aggressively combating crime.”

The number of domestic violence offenses reported decreased by 3.0 percent from last year while the number of total arrests made increased by 3.9 percent. Juvenile arrests increased 0.9 percent, while adult arrests increased 4.3 percent. Car theft is down 10.1 percent over the same period last year.

The complete 2008 Semi-Annual Crime in Florida, Uniform Crime Report, including county-by-county breakdowns, can be found on FDLE’s Web site:
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Tampa, Florida – Deputies from the Hillsborough County’s Sheriff’s office arrested a 23 year old man who admitted shaking a 2-month-old baby.

Javaurian Vonshae Saffold was arrested on Monday and charged with aggravated child abuse. He is being detained at Orient Road Jail without bail.

The baby suffered a traumatic brain injury, fractured ribs and retinal bleeding.

Joseph’s Hospital doctors were treating the baby for serious injuries.

Most people recognize that the facts surrounding this terrible incident will be the subject of a case in our criminal justice system. What many people do not realize is that crime victims, like this baby’s family, have rights which can sometimes be enforced in the civil courts. In some cases, a victim of violent crime may be entitled to compensation.

One example of this is where a land or business owner’s negligent security or inadequate security placed the victim at risk for a criminal attack. In cases where there is no Florida premises liability cause of action arising out of negligence, crime victims may still recover money through the Florida Crime Victims’ Compensation Fund.
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Miami, Florida — Laurie Dishman, a 37-year-old food services manager from Sacramento, wants people to know that cruise ships are not always as safe as advertised. She knows firsthand how crime on board cruise ships can effect passengers. She recently took a therapeutic trip to the Port of Miami to face her fears.

It was the first time she had been around cruise ships since 2006, when she was raped on a cruise by one of the ship’s janitors. When she reported the incident, she was appalled when the crew responded by telling her that she needed to control her drinking. So on her recent visit back to Miami’s port, one of the busiest ports in the nation, she handed out hundreds of pamphlets to people as they began their vacations, warning them of the dangers on board cruise ships.

”There are no laws out there,” Dishman said in an interview. “All kinds of things can happen on this floating city in the middle of the ocean, and there’s no security. There’s no protection. You think you have American rights when you board a ship, but you don’t.”

The industry says that American travelers are safer on cruise ships than they are on land and that no regulatory changes are needed.

Dishman disagrees and is hopeful that her message will lead to a new federal law to protect passengers. When Congress returns from its summer recess, she and other crime victims plan to lobby for regulations that would change the way the cruise industry does business.

Because under current law, cruise ships aren’t required to report even the most serious crimes that are committed in international waters, critics say that immediate changes are necessary to protect passengers .

Congress is considering legislation that would require cruise ships to keep logs of all deaths, missing individuals, allegations of criminal conduct and passenger complaints of theft, sexual harassment and assault. Those logs would be made available to law enforcement including the FBI and the Coast Guard.

”Twelve million Americans will board cruise ships this year, and they should know they are safe,” said Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts. He is working with Representative Doris Matsui of Sacramento to support the proposed legislation.

Matsui said that she began investigating the issue after Dishman first contacted her, frustrated because Royal Caribbean would not help her identify her attacker or secure evidence after the rape.

According to Congresswoman Matsui, her investigation revealed that there have been no rape convictions on cruise lines in 40 years.

”What we have found is truly alarming,” Matsui said. “There is little to no regulation of the cruise industry, and far too many crimes go unprosecuted each year.”

Representatives of the Cruise Lines International Association pointed out that the industry creates thousands of jobs and claims to have improved its safety procedures over the past two years.

Senator Kerry got involved with cruise ship safety issues when Merrian Carver of Cambridge, Mass., disappeared on a cruise in 2004. Kerry said he was shocked to learn that cruise line employees didn’t tell the FBI she was missing until weeks later, when her family started asking questions.

”Merrian’s story is not an isolated case,” Kerry said. “Despite being owned by American citizens and headquartered in the United States, cruise ships operate under foreign flags, allowing them to avoid United States law when they are beyond U.S. territorial waters. With respect to jurisdiction over crimes, the law is murky at best.”
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West Palm Beach, Florida – Carlos Franco, 41, of Texas was shot seven times in an attempted robbery which originated inside a local Palm Beach strip club called Sugar Daddy’s. A stripper and her friend were behind the plot to rob the Texas man.

Victims of violent crime such as Franco are often entitled to compensation. In this case, a civil claim for his injuries based on negligent security could likely be brought against the strip club.

Twenty -Two year old Sheila Martins of Boynton Beach and her friend, 31 year old Louis Johnson of West Palm Beach are charged with attempted murder. According to Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, Martins, a former employee of Sugar Daddy’s, was reprimanded earlier that night for taking off her clothes at the bar, taking tips away from the working strippers. She left the club with Franco and walked with him to his car when Johnson and another man approached the couple in an attempt to Rob Franco.

The robbery was set up by Martins according to the arrest report which also indicates that she told another stripper that she was planning to rob Franco.

The two were charged Tuesday in the June 29 attempted robbery and shooting of the Sugar Daddy’s customer who remains in critical condition with seven bullet wounds.

Police are searching for a third suspect.

Franco is an airplane mechanic with a wife and three children who was visiting the adult club in suburban West Palm Beach during a business trip.

Franco’s brother-in-law who is in Palm Beach County with Franco’s wife praying for him at the hospital said that Franco is “a little bit better” but has remained unconscious most of the time.
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Orlando, Florida. — Orange County deputies are investigating a shooting that took place at an apartment complex in Pine Hills that left two crime victims dead and 2 others seriously injured.

Most people think incidents like this are dealt with in the criminal courts alone. However, many victims of violent crime have rights and may be entitled to receive compensation as well. While compensation is sometimes available through the Florida Crime Victims Compensation Fund, often crime victim’s compensation is obtained directly from the land or business owner where the criminal attack occurred. In the case of this apartment complex shooting, the owners of the apartment complex could be held liable in a civil case for negligent or inadequate security, assuming certain factors were present.

According to investigators, two of the crime victims, Sean Turner, 23, and Antwan Morris, 27, were killed in the violent attack at the Clarcona Groves Apartments.

Two other crime victims were rushed to Orlando Regional Medical Center’s emergency room for treatment. One of the victims was in critical condition.

Police said two of the crime victims resided at the complex and that the shootings occurred at night.

Police detectives met with the victims at Orlando Regional to get more more information that could help lead them to the attackers.

Investigators do not yet know the motive for this violent crime.
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Crime Victims Rights

Miami, Florida – Victims of violent crime have the right to receive compensation in certain cases. In Florida, Personal Injury Lawyers can file a civil lawsuit for negligent security or inadequate security in order to secure compensation for the victim and his or her family. These negligent security or inadequate security cases arise when land or business owners fail to take reasonable steps to protect their guests and patrons from foreseeable violent crime on their premises.

When these attacks occur on the premises of a business, the business operator and the land owners may be liable for the harm caused by third parties.

Unfortunately, most victims of violent crime have no idea that they may be entitled to compensation. Florida law imposes a legal duty on land and business owners, to provide a safe premises for their patrons.

Yesterday, a man who allegedly stabbed a twenty-four year old woman to death in a Manhattan grocery store was arrested in Miami, Florida.

The operators of a grocery store and the owners of the property or shopping center where it is located, are in the best position to know about the criminal activity in the area of their premises. For that reason, they have a duty to take reasonable precautions to protect their invited guests and the general public from foreseeable criminal attacks. That duty could include a duty to implement reasonable security measures to protect their guests.

Negligent or inadequate security cases usually arise out of violent criminal attacks including:

1). Rape 2). Murder 3). Robbery 4). Assault and Battery, and more recently,
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Central Florida – Florida personal injury lawyers filed a lawsuit on behalf of John Graziano, who suffered a severe traumatic brain injury in an automobile accident last August.

The defendants – wrestling superstar, Hulk Hogan and his family. Graziano’s parents are suing Hogan under Florida’s “Dangerous Instrumentality Doctrine” which holds the owner of an automobile vicariously responsible for the negligent operation of that vehicle.

Experienced Florida personal injury lawyers know how to use Florida’s laws to achieve substantial compensation for their seriously injured clients.

Hogan’s son, Nick Bollea, was driving a car registered in his father’s name at the time of the crash.

The August 2007 auto accident (see my post on March 13th about this crash) left Bollea’s friend, Graziano with permanent brain damage and other serious injuries that will require daily nursing care for the rest of his life.

Bollea faces charges of reckless driving involving serious bodily injury. He will be tried on these charges next month.

The Graziano family filed a lawsuit against Hulk Hogan (Terry Bollea), his wife Linda and son Nick, charging them with negligence.
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Palm Beach County, Florida – Several violent crimes, including a double murder and an armed robbery at an ATM have occurred at the Town Center Mall in Boca Raton, Florida since March of last year. Similarities in the way the crime victims were restrained in each incident has police looking into the possibility that the attacks are related.

The Florida personal injury lawyers at our firm have represented many crime victims in negligent security or inadequate security cases throughout the state of Florida. We have seen patterns like this too often. Security experts and law enforcement officials will tell you that crimes like robbery and rape (and the murders that often accompany them) are usually crimes of opportunity. Simply put; criminals commit this type of crime at places where security is minimal or all-together absent. That gives them the best chance to avoid apprehension.

The facts surrounding these incidents suggest that the mall needs to increase its security.

On August 7, 2007, a woman who had been shopping at the Town Center Mall in Boca Raton, Florida was abducted and forced to drive to a nearby ATM and withdraw $600 while her 2 year old son was held at gunpoint.

About 4 months later on December 12, 2007, the bodies of 47 year old Nancy Bochicchio, and 7 year old Joey Bochicchio-Hauser were found lying in a blood soaked car idling in the parking lot of Town Center mall. The mother and daughter had been shopping in the mall just hours earlier. Both had been shot in the head.

Boca Raton Police and The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office formed a joint task force and are investigating the crimes which they believe may be connected due to similarities including the way the victims were restrained and the use of blacked-out swimming goggles to blindfold the victims.
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