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Tallahassee legislators will soon be voting on a bill that would allow a 75-mph speed limit on some Florida highways and also boost speeds on other roads. Today only seventeen states allow speed limits above 70 mph. But, is this a good idea for Florida?

The proposal includes:

* 75 mph on interstates and other limited access highways (currently 70 mph)

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Broward County, Florida – A three-vehicle accident on I-595 left one man dead and another in critical condition, according to a spokesperson for the Florida Highway Patrol.

The fatal motorcycle accident occurred shortly after 8:30 p.m. Tuesday. According to FHP, two motorcycles were eastbound in the left lane near Hiatus Road and a four-door Kia, driven by twenty-two year old Erica Vieira Borges of Sunrise was eastbound in the center lane ahead of the motorcycles.

Reports indicate that when the Kia merged into the left lane, one motorcycle, operated by twenty-five year old Josue Rene Robles Duprey of Miramar, struck the rear end of the Kia.

Duprey was thrown from his Yamaha motorcycle, which slid across the highway and came to rest in an exit lane.

Borges’ Kia left the roadway and struck a guardrail. When it attempted to move back onto the interstate, it was hit by the second motorcycle which was operated by twenty-two year old Shaun L. Pasley of Miramar.

Pasley was thrown from his Honda CBR 1000 motorcycle. Both Pasley’s motorcycle and Borges’ Kia then caught on fire.

Pasley and Duprey were transported to Broward General Medical Center in Fort Lauderdale. Duprey did not survive and Pasley was in critical condition even though both motorcyclists were wearing helmets.

Erica Borges appeared to have suffered only minor injuries.

Authorities are still investigating the cause of this fatal accident.
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Ft Lauderdale, Florida – 26 year old Ashley Vaden, a cosmetologist, and 41 year old Duane Plouffe, a Navy Seal were killed on April 19 when the motorcycle they were riding was hit by two vehicles — one of them a tractor-trailer — on Interstate 95 near Sunrise Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale.

The drivers who hit them fled the scene.

That crash was just one of four unsolved, fatal hit-and-run accidents to occurr in Broward County since February. Florida Highway Patrol investigators together with Some of the surviving relatives of the hit-and-run victims on Wednesday asked the public for help.

”You aren’t suppose to bury your children. It’s just not suppose to be that way,” said Vaden’s father, Michael Vaden, with tears in his eyes. “In our case, there wasn’t much to bury.”

The recent spike in hit-and-run accidents has law enforcement very concerned according to FHP Sgt. Mark Wysocky. ”It seems like every other day there is another hit-and-run,” he said.

According to FHP, the four hit-and-run crashes under investigation can be summarized as follows:

• On April 19, Vaden and Plouffe — who were northbound on I-95 on a motorcycle — were hit by a small white car. Vaden and Plouffe were thrown off the bike and then hit by another vehicle. Vaden was fatally run over by a tractor-trailer whose driver failed to stop. Police are looking for the tractor-trailer and the small white vehicle.

• On Feb. 15, Larry Grampa hit a vehicle while driving his motorcycle southbound on I-95 in Dania Beach and was thrown to the roadway. As he tried to get up, he was hit by another car and killed. That vehicle fled the scene, but police found a piece of the car at the scene.

• On April 30, John Deeley and his passenger, Johnny Turner, were westbound on I-75 near mile marker 30. Deeley swerved to avoid a vehicle that was stopped in the left lane, overturned and went into a canal. Both were killed in the accident. Police are looking for the vehicle left in the road.

• On March 2, 19-year-old Stevie Nicole Painter was driving on I-95 after leaving the Best Buy store in Fort Lauderdale where she worked when she was cut off by another car. She lost control of her vehicle near the Interstate 595 exit ramp just north of Davie Boulevard. Her car flipped over, struck a large sign post and was killed.

Painter, a student, wanted to become a veterinarian. Her family has’nt been the same since the crash.

”The pain we are experiencing now is as fresh as the day of the accident,” said Todd Dupell, Painter’s uncle. “The fact that someone saw something and hasn’t said anything breaks my spirit.”

“Someone out there knows something.”

While law enforcement officers continue to investigate these fatal motor vehicle accidents, the victims’ families are finding it difficult to move on.

Vaden’s family created a memorial in their home with pictures, memorabilia and flowers.

They burned into ashes the few remains that were left. The only thing intact was a lock of her golden-blond hair.

”I raised my kids to have a good life,” Michael Vaden said. “It breaks my heart that my family is suffering so much.”
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Panama City, Florida – A car / motorcycle accident left one man dead in Wakulla County, Florida just before 8:00 am Monday morning. The accident happened on Highway 98 at Wakulla Beach Road.

A Florida Highway Patrol spokesperson said Crawfordville resident, Gary Wade Blake was killed when a car turned left and crossed into the path of his motorcycle. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Blake was 58 years old.

Troopers said the other driver, Tallahassee resident, Junior Michael Johnson, was arrested and charged with D-U-I Manslaughter and driving with a revoked license.

The Florida accident lawyers at our lawfirm handle all type of motor vehicle accidents, including motorcycle accidents, throughout the state of Florida and we know how devastating they can be to the families of those injured or killed.
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Dania, Florida – A Hollywood man riding a motorcycle was killed early Friday morning in a hit and run motor vehicle accident police are describing as “bizarre”.

30 year old Larry Grampa was riding his motorcycle at approximately 2 a.m. on I-95 near Griffin Road in Dania Beach, Florida when he ran into a vehicle and was sent flying off his red Suziki, Florida Highway Patrol officials said.

Grampa, who had initially suffered minor injuries when he was thrown to the shoulder on the side of I-95, was able to walk over to his motorcycle in the center lane of I-95. That’s when the other car struck him.

Florida Highway Patrol is now searching for the other vehicle involved.
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