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Police Accident Investigation Photos Released in Bollea Car Crash

Clearwater, Florida – Law enforcement released crash scene photographs from their investigation into the automobile accident involving Nick Bollea (Hulk Hogan’s son) and John Graziano. Graziano, who was seriously injured in the acccident and sustained severe brain damage, is depicted in some of the photographs while in the hospital.

The lawyer for the Graziano family has asked the media to refrain from releasing some of the photographs which he says are particularly gory and troubling.

The Florida personal injury attorneys at our law firm always seek to protect the privacy of our clients and their families while working tirelessly to achieve substantial compensation they deserve. When a loved one has suffered catastrophic injuries, the family shouldn’t have to worry about anything except making sure he or she is receiving the medical attention they need.

Typically when the police investigate a severe traffic accident, officers take photos of the vehicles at the scene. It is not as common for them to take photos of the victims in the hospital, but it does happen when they believe it is necessary in order to complete their investigation.

A spokesperson for Tampa Bay’s Channel 10 News said that “some of the photos of Graziano are so horrific we can’t show them on TV…”. His family is concerned that they will show up on the Internet.

Lawyers representing the Graziano family criticized the Bollea family for staging what they called a “Valentine’s Day publicity stunt.” The entire family except for Terry Bollea (Hulk Hogan) went to visit Graziano in the hospital and called a news conference.

Bollea’s attorney claimed that Graziano bears some of the blame because he was not wearing a seat belt. Graziano’s lawyer denied that adding that the traumatic brain injury Graziano suffered in the accident was the result of Bollea driving the car and racing while he had been drinking.

While the Graziano family is angry at Bollea and his family, they are also very concerned that John’s condition will be exploited on the internet and they want John’s privacy respected.

It is really a shame that this family has to worry about this while trying to cope with this tragedy. Our thoughts and our prayers are with John Graziano and his family.