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Columbia County, Florida Truck Accident: Tractor-Trailer Wreck and Dislodged Side Saddle Fuel Tank Cause Vehicle Fire on I-10

Columbia County, Florida – An accident involving the collision of two semi trucks ignited a fire that engulfed one semi on I-10 in Columbia County early Tuesday. Our Florida personal injury lawyers handle truck accident cases throught the state of Florida so I am very familiar with I-10 and the accidents that frequently occur there.

Florida Highway Patrol reported that 43 year old Terence L. Daniel of Ellenwood, Ga., was charged with careless driving following the truck accident which occurred just east of U.S. 441 on I-10 shortly before 1 a.m.

According to FHP, Daniel was traveling westbound approaching another westbound truck but did not slow down in time and hit the other vehicle in the rear. The other semi truck left the roadway and ended up in a ditch. Apparently, one of the sidesaddle fuel tanks on Daniel’s truck became dislodged in the crash and ignited, engulfing the semi in flames.

Both Daniel and the other driver, 26 year old Jacksonville resident, William R. Taylor suffered minor injuries in the crash.

Commercial trucks are often involved in accidents like this where it seems that the truck driver simply wasn’t paying attention. Unfortunately, there is usually more to it than that. Trucking companies, motivated by higher profits, regularly push drivers to exceed the maximum hours of operation deemed safe by the federal regulations. The result: fatigued drivers operating huge rigs on little rest. A dangerous combination and a recipe for disaster on the roadways. For more information on dangerous practices in the trucking industry, please see my earlier post (Bartow, Florida semi Truck Accident Closes I-60).