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Does Your Local Shopping Center Suffer from Negligent Security

Ensuring your personal safety and security when visiting a shopping center is a two-fold responsibility: You can do things as an individual to reduce the likelihood of your becoming a crime statistic, and there are procedures the center itself should institute to keep you safe. The Miami negligent security lawyers at Hannon Legal Group regularly represent shoppers who have become crime victims because of relaxed security procedures at malls and shopping centers, and have advice for what shoppers should watch for.

Shoppers should make sure the center has basic security measures in place. These measures include security patrols, including bicycle and/or mounted police and rooftop watchers; exterior lighting that covers the entire area; and signs that guide patrons to parking spots close to their destination.

Shopping centers should have closed-circuit televisions cameras manned 24/7, both outside in the parking lots and in common areas inside the mall. Malls with large parking lots should have emergency phones or call boxes to summon help quickly.

The most important thing you can do personally is simply to be on your alert.

Don’t become so consumed by your shopping that you aren’t aware of someone near you checking you out. This is especially true if you are coming out of the mall carrying packages. Before loading them into your car, take a look around to see if any stranger seems to be eyeing you.

If possible, shop during daylight hours and don’t shop alone. If you do have to go out at night, park as close to the mall or store entrance as possible and in a well-lighted area. Consider using valet parking if it is offered. Sometimes it is free with a purchase from a mall store.

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