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Florida Brain Damage Case Revisited – Defendant Released From Jail

Clearwater, Florida – Nick Bollea was released from Jail after causing a serious Central Florida car accident which left his friend with a traumatic brain injury – often referred to as a TBI.

Bollea is the son of famous wrestler Hulk Hogan. He was jailed last year after crashing his father’s car. This Clearwater car accident made headlines because of the celebrity status of Bollea’s father, but each year, thousands of people are seriously injured or killed in preventable Florida car accidents as a result of negligence.

Hopefully this tragic automobile accident will focus more attention on the problem and on prevention.

Nick Bollea was released from the Pinellas County Jail early this week after serving five months. He originally plead no contest to causing the crash.

Bollea was facing the possibility of serving up to five years in prison, but the victim’s family requested a more lenient sentence.

As in this case, the results of driver negligence are often far more serious than mere vehicle damage. This Florida brain injury case illustrates just one of the many types of catastrophic injuries that can be caused by a motor vehicle collision. Spinal cord injuries which often lead to paralysis, traumatic amputation and severe burn injuries are among the other serious, life altering injuries which can result.

The victim in the Bollea crash, John Graziano will require millions of dollars in medical treatment and neurological rehabilitation. Fortunately, the law in Florida provides for compensation in these cases which can include money to pay for future medical expenses.

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