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Florida Nurses Rally For Patient Protection Laws

TALLAHASSEE — Florida nurses organized a march to highlight the need for new legislation that would establish minimum staffing ratios for hospitals and give them whistle-blower protection.

A large group of registered nurses held a rally and marched near the Florida Capitol Wednesday in support of the introduction of what they call a patient protection bill.

The proposed bill would institute nurse-to-patient ratios for various types of hospital care. The nurses cite research in support of their contention that improving the ratios will save lives and be more cost effective than many alternative safety procedures.

The bill would also offer job protection for nurses who refuse certain assignments for safety patient reasons or file complaints against a hospital or clinic for violating patient safety.

The National Nurses Organizing Committee, an association and union sponsored the rally.

The Lawyers at our firm who regularly advocate for patient safety and against medical malpractice enthusiastically support these nurses in their attempt to make positive changes to a system that permits thousands of patients in the US to suffer injury or death each year as a result of preventable medical negligence.

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