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Florida Roadway Safety – Avoiding Motor Vehicle Accidents

When driving in Florida, knowing the safest routes is just one of the things you can do to avoid being involved in a car accident.

Whether commuting, picking up the kids or running errands around town, most drivers choose the most direct, least congested routes to their destinations. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the most direct routes might not be the safest, and some roads are downright dangerous.

Motor vehicle accidents don’t usually occur in the absence of driver negligence, however, poorly designed or maintained roads are examples of another kind of negligence that can make driving even more dangerous than it already is. Take, for example, Krome Avenue in South Florida. This 37-mile long roadway in western Miami-Dade County is notorious for fatal car accidents. With dubious nicknames like “Killer Krome” and “Deadly Krome,” the roadway is narrow with poor lighting, and motorists travel at high speeds. There are a disproportionate number of large tractor trailers hauling produce and plants from farms in Homestead on Krome at any given time. This year alone, more than 11 people have died in car crashes on Krome Avenue.

This roadway is so dangerous, in fact, that community organizers have arranged a memorial service this month alongside Krome Avenue for the more than 115 people who have died on the roadway. Community and civic leaders are pushing to widen the lanes of this road, bolster the lighting, and add guardrails and a concrete median to help make it safer.

Another dangerous road: the “Overseas Highway” (also known as the “Highway to the Sea”). This highway carrying U.S. 1 to the Florida Keys with majestic water views on both sides is as beautiful as it is dangerous. Accidents are common as motorists often speed and drive recklessly along the long 127.5-mile stretch.

That said, it’s always important for motorists to keep some important safety tips in mind:
– Be aware of road conditions. Rainy weather, construction, poor lighting, and inadequate road maintenance are all red flags motorists should note and either take extra care in driving or find other routes.
– Know your routes. Take the time to scout out the safest roads to your regular destinations, whether it’s your workplace, kids’ schools, or the home of a family members. Make sure the your favored roadways are not under construction and that the lighting is adequate for even the rainiest conditions.
– Take responsibility as a safe driver. Even the safest roads are only as safe as the drivers on them. This applies to dangerous roads, too. Be a defensive driver and maintain awareness of road conditions and other motorists and how they are driving. Protect yourself with defensive driving. Give other motorists, including truck drivers and motorcyclists, plenty of room and obey the speed limit and other traffic signs.

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