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Fort Meyers, Florida Tractor Trailer Accident Leaves One Dead

FORT MYERS, FLORIDA : According to the Florida Highway Patrol, 46 year old Georges Pameni was killed in a tractor trailer accident when the truck he was driving collided with another tractor trailer on I-75 yesterday.

Georges Pameni, of Marietta, Georgia was driving his tractor trailer north on I-75. Truck driver, Steven Miller, 49, of Estero was also northbound on I-75.

Apparently, a load of stone was dropped on the Bayshore Road overpass by a dump truck. While that lane was being cleaned up, it was closed and traffic was being diverted into another lane.

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According to investigators, Miller began slowing his truck to get ready for the upcoming detour, but Pameni did not. Pameni’s truck is said to have pushed Miller’s truck off to the shoulder when they collided.

Miller’s 20 year old son Cody was riding with him and said “It was a pretty hard impact. It broke the window behind our heads. I saw the driver. I wish I didn’t.”

Jacob Pokem of Ellenwood, Georgia, suffered minor injuries and was taken to Lee Memorial Hospital. He was a passenger in Pameni’s truck.

Steven Miller sustained minor injuries while his son, Cody, was not hurt.

Miller was charged with having an expired medical certificate.

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