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Hotel Security: Don’t Take It For Granted

Security is something that many guests take for granted when staying at a nice hotel, especially one that has received multi-star ratings for its comfort, convenience and luxuries offered. However, even the most careful, observant traveler may become the victim of a theft, assault or worse because the hotel or inn where they are staying suffers from negligent and inadequate security issues.

Trial attorneys from the Miami law firm Hannon Legal Group have some tips that can alert an observant traveler that his or her hotel is not taking security seriously.

One of the basics of hotel security is control of the access to the hotel’s interior. Secondary entrances to the buildings, especially those in remote areas, should be locked at night and accessible only by room key.

Entrances should be well-lighted and monitored by security cameras. Signs should be posted stating this to discourage the casual criminal and prevent crime in the first place.

Parking lots also should be well-lit and surrounded by a well-maintained security fence to limit access. This is especially critical for facilities with exterior room doors, but also applies to hotels in which rooms open into an interior corridor. Random patrols also are advisable.

Security cameras, both outside the building and in hallways and stairwells, can be an effective deterrent if they are monitored regularly. For cameras to be effective, hallways and stairwells must be well-lit. A burned-out bulb may be a sign of a reckless and careless attitude by management.

In addition to public areas, individual rooms also have security issues that need to be addressed. Outer doors should be equipped with an actual deadbolt for when the room is occupied. Most hotels are phasing out chain locks or using them in addition to a deadbolt lock. The reason? They provide little in the way of security against a determined criminal.

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