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How to Protect Your Rights If You are Harmed by a Doctor or Hospital

Being injured by a doctor or hospital is a devastating experience and can be even more damaging if the other party is claiming to not be at fault for your injuries. Protecting your rights when it comes to doctor and hospital injuries is key if you want the opportunity to seek damages. The medical malpractice lawyers at Hannon Legal Group have represented many victims of medical malpractice.

Get Help From a Qualified Attorney

Getting help from a qualified medical malpractice attorney is the first step to protecting your rights. An attorney can educate you about the best options for dealing with the situation. Getting advice from an attorney can also prevent you from doing things that may hurt your case. Once the hospital learns that a mistake has occurred, the hospital will be prepared to respond via legal counsel. You should have an attorney on your side as well. A medical malpractice attorney can also help to prepare you for trial if the matter is to be brought into a court of law.

Identify All of the Individuals That Contributed to Your Care

Sometimes a patient’s injuries at a hospital are not caused by a doctor but are instead due to the errors of another medical professional, such as an anesthesiologist or x-ray technician. In these situations, it is especially important that you work with an attorney to resolve the situation. In these instances, an attorney may recommend pursuing legal action against a third-party, such as a healthcare insurance provider or hospital contractor.

Make Sure There Is Evidence to Support Your Claim

In many cases, injuries are not enough to provide support for a claim against a doctor or hospital. The patient must be able to demonstrate that the error resulted in further harm before pursuing a lawsuit. The patient must also show that the injury was indeed caused by negligence and is not simply a known risk of the procedure or treatment being provided. In addition, an expert witness may also be required in order to explain how the error resulted in the patient’s injury. An attorney can help you to sort through the details in order to determine if there is grounds for a medical malpractice claim.

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