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How to Protect Yourself from Medical Malpractice

In the United States, Medical malpractice has resulted in the deaths of more than 100,000 people every year. Therefore, the risk of injury should not be taken lightly. The medical malpractice attorneys at Hannon Legal Group have represented victims of medical malpractice in order to obtain compensation for their injuries. To avoid becoming yet another victim, there are some steps that patients can take to protect themselves.

Assess the Risk Before Surgery

Many surgical procedures that are performed are elective procedures, which means that the patient can decide whether he or she wants to undergo the procedure. Patients should treat every surgery as a serious matter and analyze whether or not the surgery will provide a significant benefit before saying yes. If it is likely that any possible benefits are significantly less than the risks, then it might be a good idea to avoid having the procedure done. Patients can work with their doctors to develop a cost-benefit analysis of the surgical procedure, as well as review the rates of medical errors, in order to determine if the procedure is worth the risk.

Avoid Experimental Procedures

Oftentimes when a new drug or treatment comes on the market it is typically touted as a wonder cure. However, as the market for the product begins to mature, the instances of injuries or deaths inevitably pop up. Therefore, patients that want to avoid being victims of medical errors should not participate in experimental procedures. Long-term studies should have already been performed in order to guarantee safety. Talk with your doctor about other options that have a long history of success before considering a procedure that is relatively new.

Make Sure the Doctor Is Aware of the Full Medical History

Over time, many patients will switch doctors due to a move or because the doctor is no longer working. As a result, the next doctor that the patient works with might end up with an incomplete medical history of the patient. It is very important that a patient ensures that his or her primary care doctor is aware of the patient’s complete medical history. Having a complete history of the patient can reduce the risk of drugs or treatments being prescribed that would cause injuries for the patient. Patients have the right under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) to obtain a complete medical history as long as the associated administrative fees are paid.

Dealing with a medical malpractice lawsuit often requires a complex navigation through the health care laws as well as an uphill battle with the health insurance companies. To get justice, it is essential that you have a qualified attorney on your side. If you believe that you are a victim of medical malpractice, Hannon Legal Group is here to review your case. Click here or call us directly at (866) 835-6872 and we can schedule a time to meet with you directly.