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Miami – Car Accident – Veteran Struck and Killed While Attempting to Cross Street in Wheelchair in Miami Wednesday

MIAMI, FL-A wheelchair-bound veteran was killed Wednesday morning after being struck by a van in Northeast Miami. Miami, FL. car accident lawyers may be able to help the family of David Bill Myer, a 63-year-old veteran learn exactly what occurred. Myer was allegedly hit by the van when he was, according to Officer William Moreno, “crossing the street illegally, outside the crosswalk” during morning rush hour. The accident occurred between Biscayne Boulevard and Second Avenue at Northeast 79th Street.

The victim was often seen outside his home, not far from the accident scene, in his wheelchair, according to neighbors. Neighbors did not release any further comments about the victim.

The driver of the van that hit Myer remained on the scene, after calling the police, and answered questions concerning the accident. No criminal investigation is being conducted because the tragedy was “clearly an accident,” according to Officer Moreno.

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