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Miami Dade – Three dead in Collapsed Parking Garage at MDCC

MIAMI, FL — Miami Wrongful Death and Premises Liability lawyers know how quickly a family’s life can be changed when tragedy strikes. Three area families are grieving the loss of loved ones, and the number could grow, as a result of the collapse at the Miami Dade College parking garage in Doral, FL.

Samuel Perez, 53, died shortly after being pulled from the rubble, his legs amputated in a last-ditch attempt to save him. His name joins the list along with Carlos Hurtado Demendoza, 48, and Jose Calderon, 60, who also lost their lives in the collapse. Miami construction site accident lawyers will likely retain structural engineering experts to determine the cause of the collapsed parking garage at some point in the near future.

The College’s parking garage was under construction, and Bill Byrne, the president of Ajax Building Corporation, still has no answers for what caused the catastrophe. The $22.5 million dollar, five story garage is now the scene of tragedy, as the many who were injured in the collapsed structure continue to receive treatment.

At least one more worker remains missing, as rescue crews continue to scour the site. Victims were found under the rubble and at least one man was removed from the inside of a crushed truck.

Students ran wildly from the wreckage as the building fell, and the sad aftermath continues.

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Wrongful death lawyers in Miami will eventually be retained in this tragedy to obtain some measure of justice for the families of the victims of the collapse. Unfortunately, no amount of money can restore the families that have been torn apart in this horrible event.