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Miami, Florida Car Accidents Increase When Drivers Sending Text Messages

Our Miami, Florida car accident lawyers know that distracted drivers mean more carnage on our roads. The chances of an accident skyrocket when a driver is texting. Juries are taking notice. A Miami-Dade County jury recently awarded $8.8 million to the victims of a Miami motor vehicle accident where the negligent driver was texting while driving down a busy residential road.

As in many cases, the Miami accident lawyers were able to obtain the driver’s cell phone records which revealed that more than 100 text messages had been either sent or received by the driver on the day of the accident. One text was even sent two minutes before paramedics were called. To combat this growing problem, the National Transportation Safety Board recommends a complete ban on the driver’s use of cell phones.

As experienced Miami, Fl. car accident attorneys, we know that texting and driving is a serious issue that can have a significant effect on a verdict if presented to the jury properly.

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