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Miami, Florida – Crime Victims Compensation Available In Some Cases

Crime Victims Rights

Miami, Florida – Victims of violent crime have the right to receive compensation in certain cases. In Florida, Personal Injury Lawyers can file a civil lawsuit for negligent security or inadequate security in order to secure compensation for the victim and his or her family. These negligent security or inadequate security cases arise when land or business owners fail to take reasonable steps to protect their guests and patrons from foreseeable violent crime on their premises.

When these attacks occur on the premises of a business, the business operator and the land owners may be liable for the harm caused by third parties.

Unfortunately, most victims of violent crime have no idea that they may be entitled to compensation. Florida law imposes a legal duty on land and business owners, to provide a safe premises for their patrons.

Yesterday, a man who allegedly stabbed a twenty-four year old woman to death in a Manhattan grocery store was arrested in Miami, Florida.

The operators of a grocery store and the owners of the property or shopping center where it is located, are in the best position to know about the criminal activity in the area of their premises. For that reason, they have a duty to take reasonable precautions to protect their invited guests and the general public from foreseeable criminal attacks. That duty could include a duty to implement reasonable security measures to protect their guests.

Negligent or inadequate security cases usually arise out of violent criminal attacks including:

1). Rape 2). Murder 3). Robbery 4). Assault and Battery, and more recently,
5). Acts of Terrorism
Cases of this type have been brought with success against owners and operators of the following types of businesses, among others:

1). Shopping Malls,
2). Banks,
3). Bars,
4). Hotels,
5). Airlines 6). Restaurants,
7). Shopping Centers,
8). Condominium Associations,
9). Apartment Buildings,
10). Nursing Homes,
11). Daycare Facilities,
12). Schools and Colleges,
13). Parking lots,
14). Office Buildings,
15). Grocery Stores,
16). Coffee Shops,
17). Cyber Premises such as internet chat rooms and web sites
18). Premises having an ATM, and
19). Gas Stations
In this instance, a 24 year old woman lost her life. In many cases, the victim survives the attack but suffers a catastrophic injury like brain damage, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, paralysis, quadriplegia or paraplegia. Tragedies like this can devastate families but they are often preventable. The crime victims’ rights lawyers at our firm represent victims of violent crime and their families in claims against land and business owners. We work with nationally recognized security experts to hold irresponsible corporations accountable for the harm they cause.