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Miami, Florida – Collapsed Structure Causes Man to Fall Into Cement Silo

MIAMI, FLORIDA – Rescue teams continue to search for Pierre Mezador, a 58-year-old Titan America employee, who is presumed dead after falling into a giant silo full of dry powder cement at the plant’s Medley location last week. Miami, Florida premises liability lawyers represent the families of victims like Mezador when they are injured or killed as a result of negligent maintenance of a roof or structure. A Miami, Florida wrongful death lawyer would immediately see the potential for a very strong wrongful Death lawsuit. Collapsed structures and roofs are almost always the result of negligent maintenance.

Mezador was employed by Titan America at its Medley plant for 19 years prior to the accident. Friday, August 17, was undoubtedly the most memorable day of those 19 years for Mezador’s family. Early Friday morning, Mezador fell over 140 feet into the silo he was working on when the metal roof collapsed. Rescue efforts were stalled for nearly 6 hours due to the dangerous condition of the site. After vigorously trying to look for Mezador Friday afternoon, rescue workers were unable to detect any sign of life from beneath the rubble.

On Sunday, a large crane was brought on site in order to expedite the process of removing debris from inside the silo and hopefully recover Mezador’s remains in a timely manner.
Titan America company leaders stated that they “deeply regret the incident and emphasize that employee safety is their primary concern.”

Titan has a policy in place under its emergency procedure manual which requires that emergency rescue teams and equipment be ready for action before an employee enters a silo. The company plans to conduct an extensive investigation into the incident. The Department of Labor’s Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) will also conduct an investigation.

Accidents similar to what happened at Titan’s Medley plant Friday are very rare according to construction experts and are all preventable according to Titan’s emergency procedure manual. Unfortunately, many questions remain unanswered for not only Mezador’s family, but for an entire industry and the general public.

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