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Miami – Woman Fatally Shot In Peoples Storage Parking Lot

Miami Negligent or inadequate security may have been to blame for the fatal shooting of a Miami woman today in the parking lot of Peoples Storage. An unidentified woman was shot to death earlier today during an apparent robbery attempt in Miami according to police.

The shooting occurred in the parking lot of the People’s Storage located at 200 NW 79th St. at about 11:30 a.m. when two men approached her.

Kenia Reyes, a Miami police spokeswoman said “It appears it was an intent to rob her and she was shot.” The woman died outside the Peoples Storage facility .

One witness present at the business, Lazaro Garcia, who owns a car dealership, said the woman had gone out to her car because she was short of money to pay for the storage of her furniture.

While this robbery gone bad is still under investigation, it is likely that the victim would still be alive today had the business or people who control the parking lot implemented adequate security measures. Reasonable security measures often deter crime since robbery, and many other violent crimes are crimes of opportunity. Violent crimes are usually committed in places where the criminals believe they can avoid being seen or caught.

Business and land owners in Florida have a legal duty to use reasonable means to protect their customers and guests from foreseeable violent crime. When they fail to do that, they may be liable to pay the crime victims compensation.

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