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Miami-Dade – Truck Hits Woman On U.S. Highway 441

Miami, Florida – A woman in her mid 30s who was walking up U.S. highway 441 Thursday morning wearing only a sheet was critically injured when she stepped in front of a pickup truck.

Miramar police are attempting to identify the woman, who was taken to Memorial Regional Hospital with life-threatening injuries, according to Bill Robertson, a spokesman for Miramar Police Department.

The woman was seen crossing County Line Road and heading from Miami-Dade County into Broward County on U.S. 441 about 5 a.m. shortly before being hit by a Dodge pickup truck in the left turning lane.

The truck driver stopped to help the woman, who was seriously injured in this unusual Maimi car accident.

The woman did not have any identification so investigators took her fingerprints, but that will only help if she has a past arrest.

The victim was described as a black woman in her mid-30s, approximately five feet tall, weighing about 175 pounds with brown eyes and a short black Afro. She did not have any tattoos or scars and wasn’t wearing any jewelry.

While there are a variety of reasons this woman could have been wandering the streets wearing only a sheet, it is likely that she was not fully competent. It is likely the result of some type of brain injury, mental illness, alcohol or drug use.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for brain injured patients to wander away from rehab facilities where they are being treated for their neurological deficits. Often, hospital or nursing home patients suffering from mental illness or dementia wander away from those facilities as well.

Those who provide medical services or other care for patients with brain damage, alcohol or drug dependency or mental illness have a duty to ensure that they are not permitted to wander off. Indeed, there are many options available to caregivers to prevent this type of tragedy.

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