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Miramar, Florida – Car Crash Leaves Woman Dead And Her Baby Injured

Miramar, Florida – A Broward County car accident left a thirty-six-year old woman dead and her baby seriously injured when the two vehicles involved in the crash collided in the intersection of Pembroke Road and University Drive and then rolled over early Friday morning, officials said.

According to Capt. Jeff Levine, a Miramar police spokesman, the woman, Nayfy Gutierrez, was a Pembroke Pines resident and her husband resides in Peru.

The crash, which involved Gutierrez’s Mazda and a Ford truck, occurred after one of the vehicles ran a red light, Levine said. Police are still investigating and have not determined which driver was at fault.

”We have conflicting stories about which person ran the red light,” Levine said.

Gutierrez was pronounced dead on the scene. The driver of the Ford truck whose identity has not been released and the child, a 1-year-old, were both transported to Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood, according to Pembroke Pines Fire Rescue officials.

Police said the Mazda was north bound on University Drive and the four-door Ford truck was east bound on Pembroke Road when they collided in the intersection.

Investigators are currently speaking to witnesses.

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