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Odin Torres of Hialeah Florida Killed in New York Crane Accident

Hialeah, Florida – The body of 28 year old, Odin Torres, a Miami woman was recovered from the debris caused by the collapse of a huge construction crane in New York Saturday. The crane accident destroyed a four-story building in Manhattan when it toppled.

Six others were also killed in the accident. They were all construction workers.

The crane collapsed when a steel collar used to secure it to the building under construction fell while it was being installed. It caused damage to another steel collar below it that also supported the crane. Once the crane’s support system had been compromised, the counterweights at the top of the crane caused it to fall, according to the New York City Department of Buildings.

It was reported that Odin Torres was visiting New York for the St. Patrick’s Day holliday.

When contractors and construction workers are careless, innocent people often pay the ultimate price. The Florida personal injury attorneys at our firm have handled numerous construction site accidents where people were seriously injured or killed as a result of the negligence of contractors or defective construction equipment. We handle cases where Florida residents are injured in other states and sometimes associate with a local lawfirm, though that is not necessary in all cases. From what I have learned so far about this New York crane disaster, it sounds like the crane and its support system were negligently designed. It is also clear that the construction crew was negligent in installing the crane. Once the support collar fell and impacted another one, a thorough inspection should have been conducted of all of the support collars to insure that their integrity had not been compromised.

Unfortunately for Odin Torres and her family, that obviously did not occur.