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Orlando, Florida – Crime Victims Shot At Pine Hills Apartment Complex

Orlando, Florida. — Orange County deputies are investigating a shooting that took place at an apartment complex in Pine Hills that left two crime victims dead and 2 others seriously injured.

Most people think incidents like this are dealt with in the criminal courts alone. However, many victims of violent crime have rights and may be entitled to receive compensation as well. While compensation is sometimes available through the Florida Crime Victims Compensation Fund, often crime victim’s compensation is obtained directly from the land or business owner where the criminal attack occurred. In the case of this apartment complex shooting, the owners of the apartment complex could be held liable in a civil case for negligent or inadequate security, assuming certain factors were present.

According to investigators, two of the crime victims, Sean Turner, 23, and Antwan Morris, 27, were killed in the violent attack at the Clarcona Groves Apartments.

Two other crime victims were rushed to Orlando Regional Medical Center’s emergency room for treatment. One of the victims was in critical condition.

Police said two of the crime victims resided at the complex and that the shootings occurred at night.

Police detectives met with the victims at Orlando Regional to get more more information that could help lead them to the attackers.

Investigators do not yet know the motive for this violent crime.

Our Miami crime victim’s compensation lawyers fight to protect crime victim’s rights and to recover substantial compensation for them and for their families throughout the State of Florida.

Land and business owners in Florida have a legal duty to take reasonable steps to keep their premises safe for guests, customers and residents. By representing the victims of violent crime, our Miami premises liability lawyers and advocates not only improve the lives of our clients, but also help to make communities safer for other families. Violent crime statistics are available at many governmental agencies if you are interested in learning more.