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Bartow, Florida Semi Truck Accident Closes SR 60

POLK COUNTY | Another tractor-trailer accident occurred on State Road 60 at Armour Road in Bartow, Florida early this week sending the truck driver to the hospital with injuries.

Unfortunately, truck accidents like this one (Please refer to my earlier post “Polk County, Florida Truck Accident Causes Injury to Local Motorist”) are becoming more and more common in Bartow and other parts of Polk County – many of them causing serious injury or death.

State Road 60 is a major route for many large, commercial trucks hauling cargo between Florida’s East and West coasts and it takes these trucks right through Bartow and the surrounding areas. Unlike most interstates, much of SR 60 has only two lanes, leaving little room for error on the part of truck drivers who are often pushed to drive long distances on little rest by trucking company supervisors concerned only with on-time deliveries and company profits.

Florida Highway Patrol was forced to shut down State Road 60 just west of Bartow after the semi overturned on the road at about 5 a.m..

A spokesperson for the Bartow Fire Department said the truck driver had been trapped inside the wreckage. He was eventually freed and transported to the hospital for treatment of his injuries. No information on the driver’s condition was immediately available.

Fortunately, no other vehicles were involved and no other injuries have been reported – this time.

Tractor-trailers will continue to inflict serious injuries and death upon Florida motorists until Congress imposes more stringent regulations on the trucking industry rather than continuing its pattern of de-regulation. Our Florida truck accident lawyers have represented many victims of truck accidents in Polk County, Florida, and we sympathize with area residents who are tired of seeing reckless truckers turn their roadways into danger zones.