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Palm Beach County – Police Officer Killed in Car Accident During Presidential Motorcade

PALM BEACH COUNTY, FL-A 20-year law enforcement veteran was killed Sunday when he attempted to cross lanes of traffic on his motorcycle to block vehicles while working a presidential motorcade. The Miami, FL personal injury lawyers at our firm understand the serious nature of car and motorcycle accidents. Bruce Edwin St. Laurent, a 55-year-old Jupiter Police Officer, was driving south on I-95 when he was struck by a Ford F-150 pickup truck driven by Susan Holloway, a West Palm Beach resident.

St. Laurent had his emergency lights on, according to a preliminary report issued by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, and was attempting to block traffic from entering I-95 from the southbound on-ramp at 45th Street. In his attempt to block cars from entering the highway, he crossed several lanes of traffic, moving himself directly in the path of Holloway. The speeds St. Laurent and Holloway were traveling at are unknown, but according to the report, Holloway was accelerating her speed right before the accident to safely merge onto the highway. Holloway attempted to slam on her brakes in order to avoid the crash, but it was too late. The front of Holloway’s truck slammed into St. Laurent’s motorcycle.

Upon impact, St. Laurent was thrown off of his motorcycle. His motorcycle became lodged underneath Holloway’s truck. St. Laurent was declared dead after arriving at the St. Mary’s Medical Center shortly after the crash. Holloway suffered no injuries.

At the time of the crash, St. Laurent was in the front of the motorcade, clearing the way for President Obama to travel to the Palm Beach County Convention Center for a campaign stop. President Obama did not see the accident, but he was informed of St. Laurent’s death on his flight from Palm Beach back to Washington, D.C.

St. Laurent is not the first police officer who was killed while working a motorcade for a president or presidential candidate in Palm Beach County. In 1992, Kevin Matthews, a Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Deputy, died after being struck by a limousine while escorting Democratic presidential hopeful Paul Tsongas.

The Sheriff’s Office is conducting a full investigation, but no charges have been filed against Holloway at this time. The Florida Highway Patrol is expected to release a more detailed report later this week.

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