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Shooting Raises Concerns Over ATM’s Location

Omaha, Nebraska – A outbreak of gun violence has focused attention on ATM security concerns. In a five day period, there were five shooting deaths.

It began with a robbery attempt at an ATM on a recent Wednesday night. Crime victim, Charles Denton, 21, of Omaha was shot after using an ATM near 50th and Underwood.

ATM’s do have some safety features. Mirrors allow for customers to see behind them, and many have cameras recording the activity at the machine.

Denton’s Mother says the location of the ATM is a problem and thinks it should be removed.

Other who have used that ATM are also uncomfortable because you have to leave your car to get your cash.

Dena Dubas of Omaha said “I kind of look around before I get out and come to it. I prefer drive-up ones so you don’t have to get out of it. I wouldn’t use it at night, though.”

James Walter feels the same way and said, “I have felt uncomfortable the times I have used it, particularly at night.”

Denton is recovering from his wounds. His mom says he should be ok.

A few minutes after Denton called police, another shooting occurred in the area – this one was fatal. Just a few blocks away, 27-year old Tari Glinsmann was shot and killed in the parking lot of the convenience store on 52nd and Leavenworth where she was an employee.

Omaha Police advise everyone to be aware of their surroundings when moving about the city.

The banking industry has known for years that ATM users are at increased risk for violent crime. Some states like Florida, have passed special laws dealing with ATM security. Banks and other businesses that install ATMs on their premises have a duty to take reasonable precautions to make the premises safe for their patrons.

These precautions can include things like ensuring adequate lighting, a safe location and maintaining landscaping so that it does not provide a place for a would-be robber to hide. When business owners fail to implement reasonable safety measures, people, families and entire communities are placed at risk.

In Florida, as in most states, compensation is often available to the victims of violent crime when the attack occurs as a result of negligent or inadequate security. In addition, crime victims may access the Florida Victims Compensation Fund.

The Florida crime victim advocates at our law firm represent the victims of violent crime throughout the state. If you have been injured or someone you know has been injured or killed as the result of a criminal attack, contact a Florida negligent security lawyer for a free consultation today.