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Should You Be Concerned About Inadequate Security at Your Child’s School?

Inadequate security at schools is a growing concern and has led to unnecessary injury and trauma for thousands of students. The Miami negligent security lawyers at Hannon Legal Group regularly represent families with children that have become victims of inadequate security at schools.

When parents send their children to school, they don’t expect that their children will become victims of crimes. But, unfortunately these incidents do occur, and they are often the result of the school’s failure to maintain adequate surveillance systems or the negligent actions of school security personnel. There are many cases in which children have been attacked during or after school while on school grounds. The attacks are often times the results of unauthorized individuals being allowed on the premises. In such situations, a parent may opt to seek compensation from the school.

Being injured at school due to an attack can be an extremely traumatic experience. The trauma does not simply stop with the physical injuries and can often result in mental health concerns for the victims. Parents can help to prevent these incidents from occurring by finding out about the emergency and security protocols that the school has in place in advance.

Parents should make sure that the school has properly trained and screened security guards monitoring activities on school grounds at all times. In addition, the school should have a well-defined entry control system, a surveillance system and security alarms. In the event of an emergency, the child should be trained in the appropriate safety procedures by the school staff, and the parents should also have knowledge of what these procedures are.

Stairwells, hallways, entrances, exits and parking lots should always be maintained with adequate lighting. School personnel should also conduct routine inspections to ensure that all security systems are up-to-date and are in good working order. School security personnel should be properly screened for criminal history and adequately trained. In the event of an emergency, understanding the school’s protocol for dealing with security breaches is essential for preventing students from becoming victims of inadequate security while on school grounds.

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