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Spot Common Pharmacy Mistakes

Pharmacy mistakes are a common source of medical malpractice errors. Serious injuries can result from a simple error, such as filling the wrong prescription or providing the wrong dosage instructions. The medical malpractice lawyers at Hannon Legal Group have represented victims of pharmacy mistakes.

Here are some simple tips to help patients avoid becoming the victims of pharmacy mistakes:

Double Check the Prescription

If a patient has recently changed pharmacies, it is a good idea to make sure that nothing has changed with the prescriptions. The new pharmacy may carry different versions of a drug than the old pharmacy. In addition, errors can occur when transferring the patient’s information and prescription requirements to the new pharmacy. If patients can avoid it, only one pharmacy should be used for obtaining all prescriptions. Not only will patients be able to manage their medications better, the probability that an error might occur due to a change in the pharmacy will be greatly reduced.

Be Aware of What the Doctor Has Prescribed

If a patient wants to avoid becoming a victim of a pharmacy error, he or she should know exactly what the doctor prescribed and how much. With dozens of patients to deal with every day, pharmacies can easily make mistakes on medications. By being aware of what the doctor has prescribed, patients will be able to quickly spot errors on their medications in order to avoid drug interactions that could be fatal.

Elderly Patients Should Get Assistance

For elderly patients with significant health problems, getting assistance with picking up medications from the pharmacy could help to avoid errors. By having a family member or other trusted person assist the elderly person in retrieving medications, errors in prescriptions can be discovered and inquiries regarding drug interactions can be made. Every year, nearly 250,000 seniors end up in the hospital due to interactions between prescription medications and over-the-counter medications.

Staff Competency

Prescription drug errors can occur in pharmacies without any interference from the patient. Poorly trained pharmacy staff members who fail to provide proper patient education, as well as environmental factors such as interruptions and deficient staffing, can also lead to problems.

To any potential errors, patients should always check with their doctors before taking any medication that has been provided by a pharmacy. In cases where something has changed since the last time that the patient has filled the prescription, the patient should contact the doctor right away to make sure there aren’t any problems.

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