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Tampa – Infant Brain Injury Results In Arrest

Tampa, Florida – Deputies from the Hillsborough County’s Sheriff’s office arrested a 23 year old man who admitted shaking a 2-month-old baby.

Javaurian Vonshae Saffold was arrested on Monday and charged with aggravated child abuse. He is being detained at Orient Road Jail without bail.

The baby suffered a traumatic brain injury, fractured ribs and retinal bleeding.

Joseph’s Hospital doctors were treating the baby for serious injuries.

Most people recognize that the facts surrounding this terrible incident will be the subject of a case in our criminal justice system. What many people do not realize is that crime victims, like this baby’s family, have rights which can sometimes be enforced in the civil courts. In some cases, a victim of violent crime may be entitled to compensation.

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Land and business owners are responsible for keeping their premises reasonably safe for their customers and guests. They have a legal duty to implement reasonable security measures to protect their patrons from violent crime that could foreseeably occur on their premises.

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