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West Palm Beach Stripper Charged In Shooting Outside Strip Club

West Palm Beach, Florida – Carlos Franco, 41, of Texas was shot seven times in an attempted robbery which originated inside a local Palm Beach strip club called Sugar Daddy’s. A stripper and her friend were behind the plot to rob the Texas man.

Victims of violent crime such as Franco are often entitled to compensation. In this case, a civil claim for his injuries based on negligent security could likely be brought against the strip club.

Twenty -Two year old Sheila Martins of Boynton Beach and her friend, 31 year old Louis Johnson of West Palm Beach are charged with attempted murder. According to Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, Martins, a former employee of Sugar Daddy’s, was reprimanded earlier that night for taking off her clothes at the bar, taking tips away from the working strippers. She left the club with Franco and walked with him to his car when Johnson and another man approached the couple in an attempt to Rob Franco.

The robbery was set up by Martins according to the arrest report which also indicates that she told another stripper that she was planning to rob Franco.

The two were charged Tuesday in the June 29 attempted robbery and shooting of the Sugar Daddy’s customer who remains in critical condition with seven bullet wounds.

Police are searching for a third suspect.

Franco is an airplane mechanic with a wife and three children who was visiting the adult club in suburban West Palm Beach during a business trip.

Franco’s brother-in-law who is in Palm Beach County with Franco’s wife praying for him at the hospital said that Franco is “a little bit better” but has remained unconscious most of the time.

Business owners are responsible for keeping their premises reasonably safe for their customers. They have a legal duty to provide reasonable security measures to protect their patrons from foreseeable violent crime on their premises.

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