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Woman Injured In Hallandale Beach Apartment Fire

Broward County, Florida – One woman was injured in a South Florida apartment building fire Monday morning. The fire killed several of her kittens and caused serious damage to seven units in a Hallandale Beach apartment building Monday morning.

Hallandale Beach Fire Rescue Fire Rescue transported the female resident of the apartment building to Memorial Regional Hospital for emergency medical treatment.

The fire began around 10:30am inside apartment #4. Thirteen residents were displaced and it took at least six fire trucks to put out the inferno, which was extinguished after about an hour.

According to neighbors, the injured woman is a 54 year old waitress at Oceans 11. Her neighbor, Emilio Gomez, was the one who pulled her out of her apartment.

Fire Department officials are investigating the cause of the fire.

Apartment building fires are often the result of poor maintenance, faulty electrical wiring or other building code violations. When people suffer a burn injury or are injured as a result of smoke inhalation or are otherwise injured in a Florida apartment building fire or other building fires, the building owner may be responsible for the harm caused.

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